Tips for Maximizing Storage and Staying Organized With Built-In Wardrobes

Built in wardrobes are a good choice for a homeowner, as they give you instant closet space in any room. They can easily turn an office into a guestroom, be added as a second closet in your master bedroom, or be used as storage in a backroom. Whatever your reason for wanting a built-in wardrobe, note a few tips for maximizing the storage space inside and out, while keeping yourself organized.

Use hooks galore

Do you have anything hanging on the inside of the wardrobe door? If not, you're missing out on space for ties, scarves, handbags, belts, and other such items. You don't need to take up shelf space for these if you add hooks to the inside of the door and use them for all your accessories. This also keeps them visible so you don't need to pick through other wardrobe items looking for a scarf or belt.

You can probably also add hooks to the outside of the door and to the side of the wardrobe, if these won't get in the way of foot traffic. A hook on the outside or the side of the wardrobe can even be used to set out the outfit you'll wear the next day; hang out your blouse or shirt and trousers on those hooks, and you'll be more organized while opening up space inside the wardrobe for maximum storage.

Use tiny bins and fold, fold, fold

Invest in some tiny bins that will hold items like socks, t-shirts, and jeans. Fold these clothing items over repeatedly until they are as small and compact as possible, and fill up the bins completely. If you simply stack t-shirts and jeans on top of one another in a shelf in the wardrobe, you're probably missing some storage space in the back. Small bins for items like socks let you fold or roll them up rather than stack them on top of each other, so you can fit more of these all the way to the back of the wardrobe without misplacing anything.

Use soda can tabs

When you open a can of soda, twist off the tab. Be sure there are no sharp edges and then slide this tab over a clothes hanger. The second hole in the tab is perfect for another clothes hanger. This lets you stagger the clothes you hang in your built-in wardrobe so you maximize the space. You can also match outfits; a certain blouse with a certain jacket or a shirt with a certain pair of trousers can be hung together this way.