Why Glass Would Be an Ideal Material for Your Staircase Balustrade

A balustrade refers to a form of barrier that is installed at areas that require securing such large windows, a balcony, and staircases. Their main function is to prevent the risk of falling over. Nevertheless, your choice of material and design can also have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your interiors. One of the popular materials that homeowners are gravitating toward is glass balustrading. So why would glass be an ideal material for your balustrading needs?

Glass balustrades can be used for versatile applications

One of the main reasons why you should consider glass for your balustrading needs is that this material can be used for a wider array of applications. As such, it is suitable for homeowners who would like to maintain one theme in their interior and exterior style choices or people who prefer uniformity. For instance, in addition to using the glass for your staircase balustrade, it can also be used on your deck or balcony. Since glass is resistant to water damage, it is a good option for both exterior and interior applications. Overall, the glass balustrading can be installed anywhere in the home that you would want.

Glass balustrades enhance the aesthetics of your home

Another reason to consider glass as your choice balustrading material is the visual interest that it will create both in and outside your home. There are various ways that glass will do this. Firstly, glass balustrades will offer you unobstructed views no matter where they are installed. Inside the home, this will create an illusion of space, making your home appear larger than it is. Outside the home, this enables you to enjoy views of your property without having your view blocked by opaque materials. Another way that glass balustrades can enhance the aesthetics is by creating visual interest in your home. For instance, you can choose to install balustrades with textured surfaces that will stand out. Moreover, you can also opt for glass balustrades in an assortment of designs to suit our personal tastes.

Glass balustrades are safe

Some people may be under the false assumption that glass is weak so can easily shatter the truth is, this is a characteristic of annealed glass. When creating balustrading, the manufacturers will use tempered glass. This is glass has been strengthened to make it more resistance to impact. In addition to this, in the unlikely event that the balustrade should shatter, it will break into large pieces of glass. These would be easier to collect and would pose less risk of injury.