What to Look For in Opening Roofs

Opening roofs are one of the coolest things happening in the outdoor space and alfresco lifestyle world. From home patios and courtyards to hotels and restaurants, opening roofs are being used to completely change the look and feel of the outdoor living area. Opening roofs provide shade when needed, allow sunlight when wanted, and protect your outdoor furniture and components from rain. They are also a good way to ventilate an area, making the outdoor space more usable for just about any luxurious activity you may want. With these roofs being a new concept, not many people know what to look for beyond just the aspect of an opening roof. Here are a few pointers if you want applicably sound opening roofs.


Inventions in the outdoor space are meant to make things more alluring as well as easier to operate. You should look out for the same qualities when selecting opening roofs. There are opening roofs that are manually controlled, wired to controllers, and even wireless. Wireless controllers make using it very easy. Some roofs even have smart wireless controllers that can be controlled using your phone, laptop, tablet, or any radio device remotely.

If these are not your choice, wired controllers could also give you a fresh breeze of alternatives. Wired controllers are usually easy to incorporate. They are ideal in the sense that they do not get problems usually associated with wireless devices such as gradual loss of function in some areas. They are usually controlled by a wall switch or remote controls. However, don't forget to ask whether or not there is an automatic rain sensor with these.


Opening roofs get their color from either color-bonded louvers or LED lighting. Color-bonded louvers maintain their shade over very long durations of time. They may need dusting or washing every once in a while, but the colors will hold for a good period. With LED lighting, the advantage comes in the ability to achieve versatility in colors. You can decide to change your roof color lighting to fit occasions or mix and match bulbs to create an electrifying outdoor roof.


While opening roofs won't typically consume too much power, you have to consider your powering sources. Is it electrically powered from your main house? Is it solar powered through a separate system? Would you like to incorporate both? Imagine if your roof louvers were open and it begun raining when you didn't have electricity.

Degree of tilt

It is important to ask what the degree of tilt is on your opening roof louvers. The best would be those that provide as close to a one-eighty degree tilt as possible. This would allow for tight shutting of edges during rainfall and maximum opening for ventilation and light. The lesser the degree of tilt, the higher your chances of getting wet patches on your wooden deck, patio furniture, or even barbeque's area.