Commonly Asked Questions About Guttering for the Home

Your home's gutters are very important as they help direct rainwater and other debris away from the exterior walls, windows and foundation of the home; this reduces the risk of water leaks, mould and other such damage. This is why it's vital that you keep those gutters clean and in good repair, replacing them when damaged or obviously undersized for your home. Note a few commonly asked questions about guttering for the home so you know what to discuss with a contractor when it comes to repair and replacement.

Are vinyl gutters betters than aluminium?

If the aluminium gutters on your home are dented and dinged in certain areas, you may assume that aluminium is not as durable as vinyl. However, vinyl may not hold up as well under constant weight of water, mud and other such debris, potentially peeling and cracking after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Only a gutter installer or roofer like Trimview Mobile Guttering can tell you the best choice for your home, but note that all materials will have their own pros and cons and all will need consistent cleaning and maintenance.

Should gutters pulling away from the house be reattached?

Very often gutters that pull away from the house are undersized; a build-up of water and other debris in those smaller gutters then pulls those gutters away from the roof. The downspouts may also be undersized so that water backs up into the gutters rather than draining away. Rather than simply reattaching the gutters, it's good to have them thoroughly inspected for bends, creases, rust, holes along the areas of the connectors or any other signs that indicate that new gutters would be a better choice.

What are seamless gutters?

Seamless gutters are exactly as the name implies; they are one long piece connected to a side of the home, rather than several pieces that are joined together to create the length needed. Those connected areas of shorter gutters are where most leaks form as they are usually the weakest part of the gutter itself. A seamless gutter will usually mean less risk of leaks and resultant water damage to the home.

Seamless gutters may also look more attractive than standard aluminium or vinyl gutters as they're attached as a permanent part of the roof rather than simply clipped or tied on at certain intervals. A gutter installer can note if these would be a good choice for your home in particular and if they would mean less maintenance over the years.