Reasons to Install a Built-In Wardrobe in Your Bedroom

If you're looking for a way to improve your bedroom, why not install a custom built-in wardrobe? Consider the following reasons to undertake this upgrade.

Streamline Your Room Design

If you custom-build a wardrobe into your bedroom, it will create a streamlined effect as the closet seamlessly integrates with the rest of the room. You could paint it white to match white skirting boards and window trim so that the cupboard looks at home in the space. Plus, you can build the wardrobe flush against the adjacent walls and flowing from floor to ceiling, leaving no awkward gaps around the sides.

In contrast, free-standing wardrobes usually don't fit so smoothly into your space. For example, the cupboard may finish before the ceiling and walls and leave gaps that waste space. The extra lines and edges will add visual clutter and look busier.

Choose Your Preferred Materials and Colours

You can design built-in wardrobes in a wide variety of materials and colours. You could paint the closet insides the same colour as the wall, for example, or coat it with wallpaper. On the wardrobe bottom, you could repeat the room's floor surface or use a different material. The doors can use materials like timber, laminate, mirrors or other substances. If you have a small bedroom, mirrors will make the room feel much roomier because of the reflections.

Customise the Storage Space

Adequate, accessible storage will allow you to put everything away, so your room's not cluttered. Also, it will enable you to store things so you can conveniently find and reach them. With built-in wardrobes, you can customise the storage area. For example, if you're hanging skirts, shirts or trousers, you don't need a high rail that wastes a lot of space underneath. Instead, you could install hanging rails halfway up the wardrobe, with shelves on top to make the best use of the available area. If you have several long dresses, you could install a narrow space for hanging long items.

Consider what you need to store and how they can best fit in a built-in wardrobe. Options include drawers and shelves, which can be adjustable or pull out. You can go through a specific inventory of clothes, shoes and other items to work out precisely the right way to separate and delineate the wardrobe. The drawers should be the proper depth for the intended items. Any shallower and the items won't fit. Too deep and the drawers will waste space.

Reach out to a local contractor to learn more about installing a built-in wardrobe.