The Secret to Keeping Your Stone Kitchen Benchtops Clean

Stone benchtops have become a popular feature in most kitchens today, thanks to the benefits they offer. All they require is a little maintenance and they will last for years, keeping your kitchen as beautiful as ever before. So, how should you care for your stone kitchen benchtop surfaces? Here are some easy care tips that will help preserve the inner beauty of your granite, marble or travertine stone benchtop. [Read More]

Why Opt for a Custom Design For Your New Kitchen?

If you are considering having a new kitchen fitted in your home, then there are plenty of good reasons to select a standard design instead of a fully tailored one. Standard kitchen units are mass-produced and are, therefore, usually cheaper. On the other hand, custom-made kitchen designs are often more cost-effective than you might think. After all, custom kitchen designs mean that you can maximise the available space in your kitchen. [Read More]