3 Things Influencing the Type of Steel Door You Can Install on Your Garage

Steel is a sturdy and reliable material that you can count on whenever you want to install a garage door. Steel's durability can be enhanced by galvanising it with a zinc coating or by applying appropriate paint once the garage door has been set in place. Before buying a garage door, it is important to note that steel, just like many other metals, comes in a range of classifications or levels. This leads to a variation in performance, which affects the suitability of the material for your specific garage needs. Here is a look at some of the factors that will influence your choice of a steel door for your home's garage:

Building Codes and Regulations

Local authorities and homeowners' associations have a say in the type of materials that you should use during construction. They do this by enforcing definitive regulations that aim at preserving the value of property within a given. These regulations also ensure that there is uniformity in terms of construction, making it easy to value and list a property for prospective buyers in the future. For instance, some regulations and codes require you to use heavy-duty steel over standard or extra heavy-duty steel.

Sound Attenuation

The working mechanisms used to open and close a steel door, together with the overall tensile characteristics of the steel have an affect on the sound attenuation of your garage door. As the door moves along its frame, it produces vibrations that are converted into sound energy. Dense steel such as heavy duty and extra heavy duty steel is good at absorbing sound waves as they propagate through its structure. This high level of sound attenuation is ideal for keeping noise levels down whenever you're opening or closing the garage door. For minimal noise pollution in the neighbourhood, go for dense heavy-duty or extra heavy-duty steel especially if the garage door is used several times in a day.

Fire Code Regulations

Fire safety is an important consideration when you are selecting construction materials. Make sure that the material you are choosing is fire rated to reduce the chances of a fire spreading into or out of your garage in case of a breakout. To optimise safety, the fire rating on the steel door shouldn't deviate significantly from the rating of the surrounding structures. For instance, a standard steel door with an hourly fire rating of one hour isn't ideal for fire rated walls that can last up to three hours.