What You Need to Know About Plantation Shutters

If you are looking for a window shutter solution that controls the amount of light entering your window effectively, offers privacy and versatility and adds a touch of class and elegance to your home, you might come across plantation shutters.

They are mostly installed by those individuals who live in places where there are strong winds. Plantation shutters are highly resistant to strong winds and any debris they may carry.

Describing Plantation Shutters

The name plantation comes from where the shutters were initially used. The large houses that were built in the cotton plantations utilised these shutters, hence the name plantation shutters.

Physically, plantation shutters comprise wide louvres, which are attached horizontally at an angle. The angle makes them slant to enable them to shut completely. When shut, the horizontal louvres lie on each other leaving no space, meaning neither light nor wind can enter.

How Do You Choose Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are chosen based on their material, size, design and colour.


The most common material is timber. The reason is that timber is more of a match to any aesthetic compared to other materials, and it is readily available. You might also come across metal (aluminium or steel) and glass louvres. These are chosen when your needs require the use of glass, aluminium or steel and cannot be met by wooden plantation shutters. When considering timber, ensure that it is pre-treated. This means that it has been treated during manufacture to withstand moisture, insect attacks and harmful UV rays. You can always add an extra layer of sealant for maximum protection, maybe during maintenance and restoration. Wood needs to be carefully looked after because it is susceptible to damage. 


Of course, window size differs; you need to select the plantation shutters that fit your window space correctly. If you don't know how to measure your window correctly, let a plantation shutter specialist take the measurements so that you don't end up getting the wrong shutters.

Design and Colour

Choose a design or colour that matches the aesthetics of your space. Some people might have some difficulty when it comes to aesthetics; that is why it is recommended to hire an interior designer who specialises in plantation shutter designs. You don't want to go wrong in choosing the design and colour because you will always be feeling like something is not right in your living space when you look around.