Some Important Tips for Choosing Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating can be a great choice for heating your entire home or for just keeping a bathroom floor warm during the long winter months. This type of heating works well for underneath carpeting, stone, wood floorboards, and a variety of tiles as well. You might consider having this type of system installed by a contractor to ensure it gets done right, and he or she may be able to help you decide on the right type. [Read More]

Should You Choose Slab-On-Grade Concrete or Pavers for Your Pool Patio?

Slab-on-grade concrete and interlocking pavers are among the most common materials used for pool patios. This article compares three important aspects that you should consider as you decide which of the two is better for your pool area. Installation The installation of pavers typically involves laying them side-by-side across the patio area surrounding the pool. Installing slab-on-grade concrete will require you to mix the aggregate before pouring it over the pool patio. [Read More]

Removing Bird Poo From Canvas Awnings: Three Methods To Consider

It's not just you and your family who will appreciate the respite from the sun that awnings create. However, although perching birds may also appreciate these installations, they're more likely to leave their excrement behind as a token of appreciation, which presents a cleaning dilemma. If you've got bird poo on your awnings, find out how to get rid of the problem with the following three methods. A brush Small areas of bird poo will often disappear with some vigorous brushing. [Read More]

Tips for Maximizing Storage and Staying Organized With Built-In Wardrobes

Built in wardrobes are a good choice for a homeowner, as they give you instant closet space in any room. They can easily turn an office into a guestroom, be added as a second closet in your master bedroom, or be used as storage in a backroom. Whatever your reason for wanting a built-in wardrobe, note a few tips for maximizing the storage space inside and out, while keeping yourself organized. [Read More]