Reasons to Have a Car Shelter Installed before Your Car Arrives

Automobiles require good care and maintenance for them to last long and serve you well. One of the most important precautions you should observe is protecting your car from adverse weather conditions by parking it in a garage. You should also ensure you avoid practices that may cause damage to your car. Below are essential precautions about risk factors that will help you keep your car protected and in a good condition.

Sun Damage

Sun damage has severe short-term and long-term effects on your car. The most immediate signs that show your car is being affected by too much sun exposure is discoloration of the paint, dashboard, and seats. Also, consider that in modern cars more and more plastic is used to make the car parts. You'll find that plastic parts, such as on the side mirrors, are weakened by continuous cooling and heating by the sun.

If you have a tendency of exposing your car to the sun, eventually the heat will likely destroy your battery or cause fast deterioration, hence affecting its efficiency. Also, excessive heating tends to weaken the tires and also reduces the efficiency of fluids in use, such as the oil. Protect your car from sun damage by always providing it a good shelter and shade.

Under-the-Tree Damage

Often, people tend to park their vehicles under a tree for shelter. Unfortunately, this practice exposes the vehicle to significant damage. One major risk is that in the case a hail storm occurs the tree or its branches could break off and wreck the car. Also, droppings from insects, rodents and birds on the tree will damage your paint because of their acidic nature, and if not cleaned for hours, the droppings may corrode the paint.

Tree sap is another cause of great damage to vehicles parked under a tree. The sap is often sticky and remains on the surface until your car is thoroughly cleaned. Even worse, once the sap is exposed to the sun, it breaches the paint around that spot. For safety purposes, don't park your car under a tree; if circumstances won't allow you to build a garage, then invest in a portable carport.

Snow Damage

Snow and the cold weather pose a great danger to your car. Over time removal of snow from the surface of the car causes damage to the paint finish, especially if done carelessly. Use the right tools for the body and windscreen to remove the snow. Moreover, in winter, fluids thicken and washer solvent and wipers tend to fail.

It is important to keep in mind that spark plugs also weaken in winter. Having your car covered in snow mostly accelerates the problems and damages associated with the cold. Park your car under a shelter at all times, and in case of any exposure to the snow, have the snow removed the soonest time possible.

A car that is well maintained will serve you efficiently and for a long time without unnecessary complications. It's advisable to keep your car under a shelter or in a garage whenever possible.