Why Choose External Blinds for Your Home?

External blinds are often used in restaurants and other such facilities as a way of creating a comfortable environment for diners and others who are inside. However, external blinds can be a good choice for your home, more so than blinds in the interior. Note a few reasons to choose external blinds for your home and then ask a contractor about this option.

1. Easier cleanup

Blinds are often notoriously difficult to clean, as you may need to manually wipe down the area between each slat. External blinds may be easier to clean because you can often close them and then use a hose to wash them down. The water can simply run down to the sidewalk and if any dirty water gets on the windows behind the blinds, you can also use the hose to rinse that away. Your blinds are then cleaned quickly and easily and always look their best.

2. Security and safety

Interior blinds do little to improve your home's safety and security; they usually cannot lock into place so that they discourage burglars and don't stop anyone from breaking a window. However, exterior blinds can cover the windows completely and may lock into place so that you deter potential intruders. This also protects your windows in case of storms, hail, hurricanes, and the like. They can be a great choice for homes located near a golf course or highways, as you might be more susceptible to stray golf balls and gravel that could hit your windows during high traffic times.

3. Better insulation

Interior blinds may provide some protection against the blazing hot sun or drafts that might slip through windows, but they typically don't offer any noticeable insulating features. Exterior blinds are often made to be much wider than the windows and fit very snugly against your house so that they can block out the sun completely and also reduce the drafts and cold air that might otherwise get in. This can mean lower utility costs and a more comfortable interior environment on those hot summer days.

4. Appearance

Your home's window treatments, inside and out, are like accessories to an outfit. They can enhance your home's overall appearance and make everything look polished and updated. If you cannot afford new windows and they are looking a little shabby, you might opt for exterior blinds that you can close over those windows. They are more affordable than new windows, and a pop of color can make your home look its best from the outside.