Connecting Your Home's Exterior And Interior Designs Successfully

In terms of design, the inside and the outside of any home are two distinct places which many people consider ought to be treated as separate zones. After all, interior decoration is an art form which really doesn't deal with gardens, patios and external structures. However, given that so many Australians spend a lot of time enjoying their outdoor spaces, making design connections between interior and exterior makes a lot of sense. What's more, creating an interconnected look between the outside of a home and its interior can be achieved relatively easily, often adding value to your property into the bargain.

Open the Panorama

If you look out over your garden from a kitchen window or a set of sliding patio doors, then the amount of visual connection that can be made from the inside to the back garden will be limited. Wider and taller glazing which operates on a floor-to-ceiling basis is the best way to go for an open vista. Ideally, you should install a bi-folding door which can be opened such that the entire vision of the viewer is filled up by 'the outside' even when they are indoors. Vertical breaks in the framework are necessary, but this works fine because a typical bi-folding glazed door will create three distinct visual zones when it is closed, just like picture framing. When you have upright structures in your garden, such as fence posts or tree trunks, this will coordinate with the look of the door's frame, too.

Colour Connections

If you have a verdant garden, then you may be tempted to paint your home's interior to make it appear coordinated, but this approach is best avoided as overkill. Instead, opt for a subtle approach such as opting for flowering plants which produce blooms that offer the same hue as your interior furnishings and window treatments. If you like a bold colour choice for the inside of your home, then install outdoor blinds and awnings which provide the same tonality as your interior colour scheme. Bright colours like orange look superb with exterior blinds. Not only do they create much-wanted shade, but they also afford a warm filter of light beneath them that enhances both the interior and exterior.

Mono Level Walkways

Nothing creates a sense of definition between interior and exterior than a step that you need to negotiate when you head in or out. Ideally, any externally-facing door jamb should be floor recessed so that you can construct a decking area or patio that is at the same floor height as your home's interior. Wooden flooring in conservatories is particularly good at making the outdoors feel like it is part of the interior design, particularly when it butts up against corresponding decking outside. Although it can be costly to raise a deck and create step-free access, it is definitely worth the expenditure.