Options for Opening and Shutting Window Treatments

If you have hard to reach windows, such as very high windows or windows that sit behind large house features, it can be challenging to find window treatments that suit your windows and allow you to get privacy and restrict light. 

Here are some of your opening and closing options. 

Use a remote controlled rod 

There is a range of new products on the market that has small devices which sit around the curtain rod and loop onto the edge of the curtains. These can be activated by a switch on the wall or a remote control, which sends the device across the curtain rod to open or shut the curtains. These can be a fun way to get your curtains open and shut, but it is important to make sure that your curtains are an appropriate weight for the device as using these sorts of devices with curtains that are too heavy can burn out the motor, and then you won't be able to move your curtains at all.

Use a long curtain hook

In traditional castles and other grand homes with high windows, windows were open and shut with a long curtain hook. While these can be a little unwieldy, some people love the history and aesthetic of a long curtain hook. You can often pick up these hooks from antique stores as they are not used as often in modern homes, and they can look great with more traditional decor. You can also get a more streamlined, customised hook for a home with modern decor.

Additionally, as these hooks do not rely on electricity or devices, they are a very reliable option.

Use long closing chains

Another option is to use curtain chains, which can be pulled from the ground level, that connect to the window. Loose chains are not ideal for use in homes that have small children, specifically in bedrooms, as children can easily get caught in loose chains. Fixed pulley style chains can be a great solution in this case as it can be harder to get tangled in the chain.

If you have windows that are awkward to reach, it can be a great idea to get a window specialist to help you design custom curtains and decide on curtain closing devices that suit your home and family. The right curtain closing mechanism can help to make your curtains easy to use and look great.