Answering Your Questions About Teak Patio Furniture

Teak patio furniture is a classic choice that is very durable and strong and which works well with any home style. It rarely needs repainting and anything more than an occasional cleaning and application of oil, so maintenance of teak patio furniture is very simple and affordable. If you're thinking of investing in teak furniture for your outdoor space, note a few questions you might have about this material and its use for patio furniture, and then you can determine if it's the right choice for your home.

Why does some teak furniture have a slight orange stripe?

When teak is cut, it's usually put in a kiln to be dried so that it won't expand and shrink over time. Pulling out the moisture of the wood may expose an orange colour, but this colour should disappear after the teak furniture has been exposed to sunlight for several days. If you know someone who has purchased teak furniture and it came with a slight orange stripe or discoloration, check the furniture after they've had it on the patio for some time and you may notice that the orange tint has faded.

What is teak oil and why is it important to use?

Teak oil is just as the name implies; it's an oil that is meant for teakwood in particular, and it's the only oil that should be used on your teak furniture. Note that teak is very dense, which is what makes it so durable and strong, but this also means it doesn't absorb oils and waxes very easily. If you were to use any type of oil or a wax not meant for teak, you may see a build-up, streaks, or other unsightly marks on the furniture. If you do decide to invest in teak furniture, stock up on teak oil rather than any other product.

Can teak be left outside year-round?

Because teak is so dense and strong, it's actually safe to leave it outside year-round; it won't absorb moisture from being exposed to snow and rain, and shouldn't crack or blister in high heat or direct sunlight. However, any furniture that's left outside during wintertime or a rainy season is going to get dirtier than furniture stored inside, and this might result in a time-consuming cleanup job when spring arrives. At the very least, invest in sturdy covers for your teak furniture if you decide to keep it on the patio or deck during the off-season.

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