How to Minimise the Amount of Dirt Accumulating on Your Residential Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring is the warmest flooring option available on the market today, and for that reason, it is highly sought after by many Australian homeowners. A major challenge with carpet flooring installation, however, is that carpeting tends to catch and hide dirt more easily than non-carpet flooring options, such as vinyl tiles and hardwood floors, and thus it may require more thorough cleaning. 

An effective way to reduce the need to clean your home carpets is to minimise the amount of dirt that accumulates on them. The longer it takes before your carpets get dirty, the less the cleaning hassle, generally speaking. 

Below are some effective strategies you can apply to minimise the amount of dirt buildup on your residential carpet floors. 

Use rugs and mats

Placing rugs and mats in areas of the home that experience high foot traffic is a great way to keep the dirt off your carpeting. Rugs are a common feature in most living rooms because that is where many people like to spend time with their loved ones while indoors, and it is also where guests are entertained. 

Another good idea is to use mats. Mats are pretty much the same as rugs, but they are generally smaller in size and can be conveniently placed outside the main entryways into the house, such as the main front door, or inside the home, like in bedrooms just below the area you step on when you go to bed (or where your feet land when you are leaving your bed). 

No dirty shoes inside the house

Allowing people to walk on your carpets with dirty shoes will always increase the need for carpet cleaning because the dirt underneath the sole of the shoes will be transferred to your carpeting. Provide clean footwear for everyone entering your home so they can leave their dirty shoes at the door before entering your house. This way, you will have less dirt building up on your carpets, thus reducing the need for frequent cleaning. 

Keep the doors closed

Windows and doors are one of the largest moveable components of many homes. Your windows are designed to facilitate good air flow within the house, but they also invite dust from outside into the home. Because you need to breathe properly and thus can't keep your windows shut all the time, you should close other likely sources of dust entry into the house, like your exterior doors, for example. 

Exterior doors, if left open, will allow lots of dust to enter the house, thus increasing the amount of dust that ends up on your interior furnishings and, yes, your carpet flooring as well. So make sure to keep the doors closed when you are inside close your house.

Keep these tips in mind, and also contact a professional carpet cleaning service for a professional job every once in a while to maintain a higher level of clean.