Four Good Reasons to Design Your Own Home

With so much property on the market in Australia, you may never consider designing your own home from scratch. Even if you have bought land without any structure on it already, you can choose from a number of standard designs or opt for a prefabricated modular design which you can tweak to meet your own needs. Nevertheless, designing your dream abode offers many benefits that other approaches simply don't. Read on to discover just a few of them...

  1. Budget flexibility is one of the key factors in any custom home. You are in charge of the purse strings so you will be able to choose just how much money to allocate to ground works, materials and labour. Obviously, the more ambitious you are, the greater your budget will need to be, but being in charge is what counts and that is a satisfying feeling for any home designer.
  2. Choosing your own contractor is another big advantage. Some prefabricated homes need to be installed by the maker's chosen sub-contractor. If you are the designer, then you can select any professional custom home builder that you like. This means you gain a lot of control about the way in which the project progresses and can prioritise elements of the build that are most important to you, such as low environmental impact or the speed of the construction, for example.
  3. Specification freedom should never be overlooked. Even if you use a professional building designer – such as an architect – to do the main design for you, specifying all of the fixtures and fittings is down to you when you are managing your own project. Not only can you choose the exact sort of electrical fittings, such as light switches and power outlets, that you would like, but you can also control the entire electrical design. This means being able to have sockets placed exactly where you want them and in which quantities, for instance.
  4. The ability to be creative is another hugely important benefit of going it alone. Perhaps you have a design in your head that just appeals to you at a visual level. Alternatively, you might want to live in an experimental building that has its design based on low energy usage. Whatever you think about creatively marks you out as an individual. No standard house design could possibly meet that sense of one-off personality. A building is likely to be around for longer than its designer, so if you truly want to make your creative mark, then there are few better choices than designing your own home.

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