Kid's Loft Beds With Lower Storage: Why Are They Such a Great Idea?

If you're fretting over how to increase the amount of storage space in your child's bedroom, you should really consider a loft bed with lower storage. Loft beds are much like bunk beds, except there's only a top bunk. The area beneath can be left empty, but there are also plenty of loft beds aimed at children that utilize that space by adding storage in the form of drawers and cupboards. 

So why should you buy one?

Save Space

Probably the most compelling reason to buy your child a loft bed with lower storage is that you'll save a lot of space. Young children will generally have the smallest rooms in the house, so it can be hard to fit in a bed, cupboard, desk and drawers, not to mention all their toys and other possessions. Even if your child has quite a large room, space is still going to count. Remember, children use their rooms to play, have friends over, do homework and so on – elevating the bed to create more floorspace just makes sense.

With the bed elevated, cupboards and drawers are installed beneath, and they will be designed to take up as little amount of space as possible. Some loft beds will also include a desk.

Kid-Friendly Storage

One of the biggest problems parents tend to run into when looking for children's bedroom furniture is that a lot of options just won't be built with children in mind. Storage options will be designed to take the clothes of fully-grown adults, and all drawers and shelves will be designed to be reached by an adult instead of a child.

That can obviously be problematic, but it's an issue that you can help prevent by using a loft bed with storage beneath. These are almost always designed with children in mind, so you'll have storage options designed around their needs.

Cool for Kids

Kids aren't often going to be won over by space savings or nice storage options, but they're still likely to take to their new bedroom furniture with gusto. The fact is that sleeping on a top bunk, even when there's no lower bunk to speak of, just feels cool when you're a kid. It gives you a place to chill way above the ground, and it's fun having to climb up and down a ladder to get in and out of bed.

Of course, you'll also find that styles are focused more around the wishes of young children. Instead of adult-themed bedroom furniture, you can find plenty of loft beds that come in interesting styles and themes.